"Celtic music with attitude"
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2018 Scotland Rising

Jan 27:
Robbie Burns Dinner
Bricktown Brewery, 
Ft Smith, AR

May 11 - 13
Texas Scottish Festival
Wise County Fairgrounds
Decatur, TX

We will be performing between Brothers and Seven Nation!!!!!

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Scotland Rising

Scotland Rising was founded in 2004, by John Imes, Daniel Dossey and Bryan Blaylock to perform traditional Scottish Highland Bagpipe music with a unique percussive edge.

This is NOT your granddads old Pipe-band!

Combining outstanding musicianship with a liberal dose of Celtic humor and a love of all things Scottish these lads will make you roar with joy, swell with pride and maybe even bring tear to your eye.

Jimmy Mitchell is a graduate of the prestigious St Thomas Episcopal High School (several times world champion pipe band), a recognized pipe music composer and an internationally recognized performer.  Known as the Rock, he brings his steadiness and consistency to a group of guys that really needs it!

John Imes is an international pipe competitor. His flair and unique style gives Scotland Rising that swing and swagger not found anywhere else. John also plays the small pipes and penny whistle.

Daniel Dossey (Danny Boy) is a virtuoso percussionist. He is a professional performer in Branson Mo with several internationally renowned groups. He has competed in Scotland, toured China and is ready to conquer the rest of the world. He brings an energy and joy to the stage that is infectious.

Bryan Blaylock has performed internationally with several bands. He brings a driving rhythm along with an irascible sense of humor and an undeniable pride of his Scottish roots.
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